Alien ECS Documentation

Getting Started

ComponentSystemManager -> ComponentSystems -> Components

A component system manager manages component systems, which act on components.

Bare Minimum Code

The bare minimum to get you started can be found below.

#include "ECS.h"

class CustomComponent : public Component
    void Update(float dt) override
    { /* Update component */ }

int main()
    // Init ECS
    ComponentSystemManager<CustomComponent> componentSystemManager;

    // Add a Component
    componentSystemManager.AddComponent(0, new CustomComponent());

    // Update Components
    for (int i = 0; i < 10; ++i)

    return 0;

No user-defined component systems need to be defined for basic behavior.

Creating a Component

Extend from the Component class and overload the Update function.

class CustomComponent : public Component
    void Update(float dt) override
    { /* Update component */ }

Creating a Custom Component System

Create a template specialization of the ComponentSystem class and inherit from ComponentSystemInterface, both templated on your custom component type.

It is important to inherit from the ComponentSystemInterface class, so any custom system will plug-and-play with the ComponentSystemManager.

class ComponentSystem<CustomComponent> : public ComponentSystemInterface<CustomComponent>
    /* Custom system code */


It is important that the file defining the ComponentSystemManager object can see your template specializations.

To use a user-defined ComponentSystem:

auto componentSystem = componentSystemManager.GetComponentSystem<CustomComponent>();

Creating an Entity Component System

To work with component systems and their components, create a component system manager.

ComponentSystemManager is a variadic templated class that takes user defined components to manage.

As seen below, the class will manage the user defined CustomComponentA and CustomComponentB.

ComponentSystemManager<CustomComponentA, CustomComponentB> componentSystemManager;